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In the current economic climate, insolvency is common. More worryingly is how the insolvencies of other businesses or even your own customers can have a serious impact on your business growth and cash-flow.

What’s more, we are not just there for when things go wrong. We can help you to identify potential dangers before they begin to emerge, along with assisting you to manage your ‘good’ customers and to target new creditworthy prospects.

Euler Hermes is not just an insurance company, but an intelligence company too. As the market leader with a huge network of global intelligence offices, we have the resources to help you discover more about the people you are doing business with, in order to minimise the possible risk of bad debt.

Credit insurance: Your business back-up in 3 simple steps

  • Set credit limits for your customers.

  • Tell us when there’s a serious delay in payment and we’ll get on the case.

  • If the debt is non-collectable, we’ll process your claim without delay to minimise impact on your cashflow.

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Can you identify your next potential bad debt?

Did you know Between April - June 2014:

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Statistics taken from the Insolvency Service