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Present in over 50 countries, we are the UK and world’s leader in credit insurance with a 34% global market share. Rated AA- by Standard & Poor’s, the group currently offers 52,000 clients worldwide a full range of credit management solutions, including credit risk assessment, credit insurance, trade debt collection, bonding and guarantees.

Euler Hermes established trade credit insurance activities in the UK in 1918. For over 95 years we have been protecting thousands of businesses across the UK from the threat of unexpected customer insolvency at home and abroad. Credit insurance provides a business with protection against the failure of a customer (‘the buyer’) to pay them for the products/services they have delivered. This might be because their customer has become insolvent or he has simply failed to pay within an agreed credit period.

As well as protecting a business against such ‘commercial’ risks, credit insurance also protects against ‘political’ risk for those trading abroad. This might include failing to be paid because of war, cancellation of the contract by the government of the customer’s country, or governmental regulations which prevent the export or import of goods.

We are in over 50 countries worldwide

Credit insurance supports sustainable domestic and export growth by helping companies make informed decisions about the level of credit they should offer their customers. Rather than relying on historical data from a credit reference agency or Companies House, we analyse all available financial data relating to individual businesses (over 40 million worldwide) and trade sectors, against the background of wider national and international economic trends. By choosing to partner with Euler Hermes, our clients can instantly gain access to the largest global network of in-country Risk Analysts, protecting their business against unpaid invoices as well as helping their business to grow with increased confidence.

At Euler Hermes we offer credit insurance suitable for all types of companies, whether they are trading nationally or internationally, and in all sectors from manufacturing to services. In terms of size, they can also be anything from the micro SME through to the largest multinationals. With 450 employees based in the London headquarters and regional offices, Euler Hermes in the UK posted 2012 revenue of £153.5 million and today serves over 5,000 customers across a range of business sectors and sizes.

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