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What is credit insurance?

Your van breaks down

but you have an insurance policy to cover you and you get money back

Your office gets flooded

but you have a buildings insurance policy to cover you and you get money back

Your customer goes into insolvency

but you have a credit insurance policy

Having the financial safety net of credit insurance is a comfort, but arming yourself with the knowledge to pre-empt pitfalls can make or break your business.

How creditworthy are your customers?

We’ll analyse 10 of yours for free





Why you need credit insurance?

You think the world of your business...
We think the world for your business.

To help grow your business abroad securely our
risk analysts have unrivalled global experience,
keeping tabs on tradetrends on over 40 million
businesses, so as a new world or new market
emerges, we can help you be part of it.

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Think of it as knowing who your next bad debt could be.

The insolvencies of other businesses can have
a serious impact on your own and the
uncertainty of whether it may happen again is an
obstacle to growth, credit insurance helps you
spot dangers lurking before they reveal themselves.

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